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Welcome to
A collaboration site for the Worlds of Unity:
DC Universe Online's Young Unity League and HyperMUX's Unity RP Society

To contribute to this wiki, please be a member in good standing to either group
and send your desired username to youngunity @ [no spaces].



Please review the Young Unity Expectations for the DCUO League and the HyperMUX RPG Policies.

DCUO League


Young Unity is a league built in the spirit of teams such as Young Justice, The Young Avengers, The Young All Stars, The Teen Titans, and other teams of young heroes that have always been popular in comics and television. Our membership is almost exclusively spark and sprite builds with a few "Old Timers" along as well to keep the "Kids" in line. We welcome new members and are always looking for dedicated players to join our ranks. Welcome to HyperMux, the Infinite Possibilities. We are a comic consent based MUX, with a emphasis on keeping game play as close to the comic book experience as feasible. While we do utilize stats for powers, attributes, etc we are not a dice rolling environ. Set in the DC Universe, with some influence of Dark Horse Comics "Comics Greatest World" series, we have a wide range of FCs available and we do allow FCs from other continuities and media as detailed in our files.

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Mission Video Logs

YOUNG UNITY takes a stroll through Trigon's Prison...and saves the world while we're there…
YOUNG UNITY take part in a family reunion...and manage to prevent the DCU timeline from becoming spaghetti bolognaise.
YOUNG UNITY's Erich and Sis say a prayer in the ruined cathedral...all over Jared's sorry butt.
YOUNG UNITY's Monkey and Sis delve deep into the dark bowels of the Cape Carmine Lighthouse...
YOUNG UNITY takes a journey to Krypton to ensure that baby Kal-El goes "Blast-Off". Includes briefing locations and some feats.
YOUNG UNITY take on Ras Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. themselves a league...?
YOUNG UNITY's Connor and Sis get all hot and steamy in the Tunnel of Lust.
YOUNG UNITY pull Doctor Fate's backside out of the fire once again.