Power Boy

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Power Boy
Power Boy42q - DCUO
Power Boy, Kevin Moone, Kovun-L, Kovun Lor (birth name)

LEAGUE: Young Unity
TEAM: Hero
MENTOR: Superman
POWER: Quantum
WEAPON Martial Arts, currently One-Hand
ALLIES: Kal En, Nathaniel Grey, Young Unity

General Biography

Kovun was born on the planet Krypton, the genetic son of a soldier and an artist. As an infant he was given to Zor-L and rasied as the child of the scientist and his wife. At the age of eight, Kovun's cousin, the daughter of Jor-L, was sent off Krypton by her parents, with his own parents sending him after by mere seconds.

While his cousin's ship would proceed to Earth via plotted and measured course, Kovun's ship would find its way into a temporal event. As his cousin landed, was adopted, and grew up on Earth, into Superwoman, the event would keep Kovun in a perfect temporal lock for thirty years. When it finally released the ship, it would complete it's long paused journey to the little blue planet.

Having become an active and noted superheroine, Superwoman would end up intercepting the ship as it made atmosphere. She took it to her Earth parents, the Kent, where the decision to raise the boy as family was made. Over the next five years, she'd teach him about the responsibility she felt they had to help and protect the people of Earth for granting them a second, or third, home. She would teach him the planet's customs and cultures, the languages, even the history.

By the age of thirteen, he was ready to help Superwoman, whom he regarded as more of a mother figure, despite her protests. He'd use the argument of living up to their responsibility to protect the Earth, and the reasoning of her imparting some of the martial skill of Torquasm Vo and Rao to him to discipline and control his power, eventually winning the argument. When he did make his break in to the heroism scene, he would not take the name Superboy due to some other guy he hadn't met yet using it. Instead, he'd take the name Power Boy, making his uniform mostly white with tones of Superwoman's signature red and blue.

Six months after his emergence as a young hero, his life would take another shift, perhaps the largest of all. A strange green girl would appear in a bubble, speaking of other universes and futures. After a bit of misadventure with her, he'd decide to stow away in her impossible bubble, not know that when they left, his native universe would collapse and cease to be.

Extended Biography


Krypton of Universe Q-42 was in some respects vastly different from the more commonly known variations of the world. For instance, the citizens of the planet were most content to remain there and achieve mastery over their home world, but hadn't turned their backs on the universe at large. Even after the destruction of the second moon, when fear and paranoia were at their highest, Krypton maintained an open, if not highly restricted, hand to the universe. Travellers were still welcome, but only to certain cities for certain allotments of time. Trespassers were extradited with great speed and minimal necessary violence. No Kryptonians were forbidden to leave Krypton, though few felt the need or desire to. As another note of difference, the Kryptonian populace of Q-42 never developed any negative reactions to leaving their comfortable green world.

Home and Family

Kovun was adopted by Zor-L, brother of Jor-L, an accomplished scientist like his brother, and his wife Allura In-Z. The circumstances of his birth are considered normal for his world, but the reasoning for his genetic parents giving him were kept secret up to Krypton's death. Nonetheless, from the point of adoption until the the age of eight, Kovun had a loving family in the L's. He often followed in his mother's footsteps in the part of the arts, but still possessed a powerful curiosity for science and technology like his father and uncle.

The Death of Krypton

When Jor-L warned his brother of Krypton's imminent demise, Zor-L took to similar action. He and his wife began construction of a second ship, large enough to send both Allura and Kovun to safety into the stars. But, as with all forms of Krypton throughout the Multiverse, ultimately only two children would escape. Jor-L launched his infant daughter, Kala Jor-L, second before Kovun was sent into space, both children's backs to the exploding world. The two ships shared the same destination, a blue planet orbiting a yellow star, but their different courses would set them apart drastically. While Kala's ship made it to Earth safely, Kovun's found itself caught in the event horizon of a temporal event in space, where it would be held for many years.

Earth: Arriving and Growing Up

Kala Jor-L would arrive safely on Earth, near a small town in Kansas called Smallville. There she was found by the Kents, Jonathan and Martha, adopted, and raised as their own daughter, Clara Kent. She would grow into the super-heroine Superwoman, the most powerful person on Earth, saving it numerous time from threats great and small. None of her countless battles for truth, justice, and freedom could prepare her for the coming of her cousin.

Kovun's ship was eventually freed of the temporal event and resumed it's course to Earth just as it had started, the instruments and the child within having been frozen perfectly in time. The ship was intercepted over the Atlantic Ocean by Superwoman, and taken to her Fortress. Days later she'd show up at the Kent farm with an overly hyper eight year old blonde in tow, asking her parents for help.

Over the next five years, Clara and the Kents would raise the boy Kovun, giving him the human name Kevin, and teaching him Earth ways and traditions. Some of these he'd take well to, such as the numerous forms of music and dance. He'd also surpass Clara's interests by learning multiple languages and Earth customs beyond those usually held in the US.

Metropolis: Unusual Behavior

At age eleven, Clara moved Kevin to Metropolis with her and her long-time boyfriend, John Jones, otherwise known as J'onn J'onzz. Over the next few months, they'd notice unusual behavior both from Kevin and non-powered people around him. The first was his affinity for other males, having few female friends that he showed much interest in. They'd write this off as social adjustment for the first few months. The second example of unusual behavior was the behavior of those around around him. Kevin had an affinity for music, and would often be found singing to himself. John would notice that people's moods and attitudes would often shift to follow the feeling of whatever song he'd been singing, even Clara's. He suspected it was some manner of Kryptonian power manifestation thanks to the yellow sun, and warned her.

Becoming a Hero

As part of an on-going effort to help teach her cousin to control his powers, Clara had been teaching him two Kryptonian martial arts that she already held mastery of. They were called Torquasm-Vo and Torquam-Rao, their original purpose being to enhance her mind and body. She would use these styles and the disciplines therein to give the boy precise control over his enhanced abilities. To further contribute to the effort, John helped the boy build powerful mental barriers to keep unwanted minds out of his own, and restrain subconscious outbursts that would take advantage of his strength and speed.

Noble intentions as they were, both adults would soon find this to their disadvantage when he started talking about becoming a hero. He'd seen Superwoman and the Martian Manhunter in battle before, and cared deeply for his cousin and her lover. His first attempt was shot down immediately, but as all fateful circumstances tend to do, they'd find themselves in trouble a week later while out with Kevin, and he would be the boy to save the day.

After that, he told them he was ready, and used Clara's own personal philosophy of their powers giving them a certain responsibility to protect Earth, their second home, and all the peoples that lived on the planet from harm. With John agreeing with him, Clara would eventually give way, allowing the boy to become a hero under her careful guidance. At the age of thirteen, Kevin Moone was allowed to don the tights and cape just as his cousin, with some exception. His uniform was a white body suit with blue gloves and boots, and red belt and cape. Instead of taking the name of Superboy, as Clara had wished, he would take the name Power Boy, and debut in Metropolis with his cousin.

The Multiverse

Six months after becoming an active hero in Metropolis, Power Boy would come across an unusual young woman with green skin and blonde hair. After some pestering, she'd reveal her name to be Lara Dox, or as her father calls her, Brainiac, Sixth Iteration to the Third Power. Or, as he instantly started calling her, Brainy. Over a few weeks time, the two would become friends and avert several small crises. She'd reveal her Time Bubble to him one day, a technological wonder that allowed her to travel through time and space, and between universes, saying that it was time for her to go. Seeing this as a great adventure, he'd stow away inside the bubble as she departed, which would metaphorically send him diving into the Multiverse itself.

Over the next five years, he would tour as many as thirty universes with her. Most of the universes they passed through were only momentary stops, save for the odd dozen or so where they'd stop and help the denizens of the universes or seek help repairing the Time Bubble. Unknown to Kevin, when he and Lara left his home universe, it collapsed on itself. He can never get home unless Lara finds a way to stabilize it, something she hides from him for his own sake.


The most recent universe that Kevin and Lara have wandered into is a most troubling place. Brainiac, Trigon, Lex Luthor, and many other villainous forces are on the loose, with countless new heroes and villains emerging every day. Add to that, the Time Bubble has broken down once again and the two have no means to repair it as of yet. Decidedly stranded on this Earth, they join the fight against Brainiac, as well as join the Justice Society of America.

Kevin has had few adventures of his own. One such adventure took him to Gotham where he would fight alongside one of the exobytten heroes against a large robot. He'd also undergo a series of tests at the Society's behest, gaining a friend in another traveller from another universe that just so happened to become his physician for all intents and purposes.

Hardlight Kid

One particular adventure in Centennial Park would open a different kind of adventure to Kevin. A squad of Brainiac robots had attacked the park, being first intercepted by the magical heroine Mary Marvel, and the young Green Lantern called Hardlight Kid. Kevin and Lara came in mid-fight, Mary handling herself well. Hardlight Kid had been occupied with an odd sharkbot, likely an experimental model Brainiac was testing for the inevitable assault on Atlantis, which had drawn Kevin's attention. The two defeated the bot and would head back to the JSA Safehouse Kevin had been staying in since joining the team.

Despite his usual reservations against getting close to the denizens of individual universes, he felt drawn to Hardlight Kid. The attraction seemed mutual, as by the end of the night the two had decided to stay with each other for as long as possible. From there a relationship would bloom. Hardlight Kid found direction in Kevin, and Kevin had found the sense of belonging he'd been wanting. When Kevin confessed loving the hero, he openly forsook travelling the Multiverse to stay with Hardlight.

Black Hand and the Battery Fragment

Later, during a trip into space to help his lover on a mission from the Guardians of the Universe, Kevin and Hardlight would find the remnants of the Central Power Battery from another universe that had been studied by a group of civilian scientists under the cruel lash of the Sinestro Corps. The Yellow Lanterns and civilians had been murdered by a group of interdimensional insectoid creatures Kevin identified as Cleaners, mindless, soulless beings that only came into being to destroy the rubble and wreckage of any dead universe that found it's way into another. The two battled and defeated them, then Hardlight secured the Battery Fragment. Outside, Kevin had been overpowered and taken hostage by Black Hand, the avatar of the Black Light from the universe the Fragment had come from. It was at this point they learned that Kryptonians weren't immune to the Black Light of Death. Black Hand and Hardlight were kept at a standstill for several moments, Hand wanting the Fragment using Kevin as a hostage, Hardlight unwilling to give up the Fragment, but more unwilling to let Kevin come to harm.

The Fragment at that time would reveal it's secret to the three of them: the White Light. The universe it had come from had born a White Lantern, the last of his power being syphoned into the Fragment before the universe's death. Recognizing the threat posed by Black Hand, the Fragment granted Hardlight the temporary use of it's powers, making him a White Lantern long enough to destroy Black Hand and rescue Kevin. It was in this moment that Hardlight understood that though the White Lantern powers were great, they were destined for another, just as he and Kevin were destined for each other.

The Guardians of the Universe and Powerless Boy

Hardlight and Power Boy returned to Oa with the Fragment and reported to the Guardians immediately. Power Boy was introduced to the Guardians of this Universe properly, and the report was given with much chastisement. Several Guardians had kept their attention on Power Boy through out the report, studying him intently. Once Hardlight finished, the Guardians spoke. They ordered that Hardlight be detained on Oa for further de-briefing, and the Power Boy's power be drained and returned to Earth! The lovers attempted to stop this from coming to pass, but were ultimately overpowered by the millenia old Guardians.

Guardian Sayd was assigned to drain Power Boy's power. She escorted him into private chambers and proceeded, with a heavy heart, to drain the solar energy from his body. She and the other Guardians had seen something else in him though, something horrible. He had been contaminated by his exposure to the Black Light, the radiation of which she was to drain with his power without him knowing. Once he was rendered powerless, she sent him back to Earth in a pod.

The Firestarter and the Bad Ass Frickin' Lantern

Power Boy's return to Earth had been less than glorious. He landed in Robinson Park in Gotham City, and was immediately spotted by the firestarter he'd met previously, as well as one of his comrades, and a villain. It was in a short confrontation against this villain would Power Boy's new found powerlessness would be revealed. His Firestarter friend would come to his rescue and carry him to safety. In a vain attempt to try to restore his powers, he was taken to a tanning salon. After a short talk, the Firestarter took him back to the safehouse in Metropolis where Kevin could deal with his situation.

He'd spend the next week being tested by the scientific minds of the Justice Society and work on creating a sort of power suit for him to wear in the meantime. At the end of this week, a group of Yellow Lanterns would launch an assault on Metropolis, only to be met by a mysterious black and green form wielding a scythe and Green Lantern powers. Kevin departed the safehouse via flight pack to meet and try to fight the Yellow Lanterns with some of the weaponry he'd helped make. When he arrived, he'd watch as the mysterious green and black scythe wielder slaughtered the Yellows. Kevin was terrified, not by the death, but by the fact that this person was using the scythe he recognized as belonging to Hardlight!

A short confrontation would once again demonstrate his powerlessness, and reveal that this black and green killer was Hardlight himself. Before the revelation, Hardlight had seemed cold, heartless, and willing to take life, but once he revealed himself, once he was re-united with Kevin, the cold personality seemed to melt away instantly. Hardlight was home, and the lovers were re-united, but both changed by the adventure in space. Death had lost it's hold over them, with Hardlight willing to kill, and Power Boy unaffected by the deaths of others.


Kevin is a polite, open person with an amusing outlook on life. He may, after being away from home for so long, have a bit of a cynical streak, but he tries to keep his focus on the present time. When in combat, he prefers to fight intelligently by analysing his opponent and attempting some form of peaceful dialogue. In most situations, this fails, and he resorts to combat. While he might like to think of himself as an amiable person, in truth he loves a good fight. The frustrations he keeps in reserve often get their release this way.

He is also heavily inclined towards music. Be it singing, making, playing, or just listening, Kevin finds a certain contentment in song and rhythm. In most universes where he may need to find vocation to bring in money, he'll often strive for employment related to the music industry. He also enjoys dancing to a lesser extent, though lacks confidence in his personal rhythm.


As a Kryptonian, Kovun-L shares a majority of the same powers and weaknesses as other Kryptonians with few exceptions. Unlike most Kryptonians in the Multiverse, he lacks the ability to breathe in space under the light of a yellow sun. He can hold his breath for one hour at a time, but he must eventually find breathable air to fill his lungs. For the duration of the hour, he cannot speak.

His maximum speed to date is mach three, which is considered slower than some Kryptonians. This could be due to him not feeling any necessity in developing his running and flight speed, or perhaps some limitation native to his home universe.

Powerless Adjustments

Due to his current state of powerlessness, Kevin has taken to technology to continue the good fight. With the aide of the finest scientific and technical minds of the Justice Society, he has constructed a flight pack, energy force field belt, and gloves that project shaped energy constructs, all based on designs utilized by the Cooperative.