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League Chat Guidelines

This section may cause hurt feelings, but that is not its intent. None of these "rules" are directed at any individual. None of these "rules" are meant as disrespect to any player's behavior. These "rules" are meant to give as pleasant an in-game experience, to as many of our league mates, as possible.

  • These guidelines are not meant to dampen anyone's fun with DCUO. Hopefully they will allow members a freedom to enjoy themselves without fear of "stepping on toes", and to hopefully have a "Drama Free" league for our members.
  • We are a League with a diverse group of members: male, female, old, young, mature, immature, conservative, liberal. Let us make everyone comfortable, so everyone can have fun:
  • 1) Please show basic civility to all league mates, as there is rarely a good reason not to.
    • a) If it is discovered that a league member's behavior is making other members uncomfortable (to the point of wanting to leave the league), that member will be disciplined; up to and including removal from the league.
  • 2) Please refrain from discussing Politics.
  • 3) Please refrain from discussing Religion.
  • 4) Please refrain from asking another player what their gender is.
  • 5) Please, keep the language and subject matter at a PG-13 level (at the highest). If you feel the need to carry on a more "mature" (or immature) conversation, please find another way of doing so.
  • 6) Please do not "beg" for stuff.
    • a) It is ok to say that you are looking for one Collection Piece to complete a Collection, or that you are missing a handful of exoBITs (or other materials) to complete a Gear Modifier, or you are looking for your first Aura and asking if someone has a "spare" one for you.
    • b) It is NOT ok to repeatedly ask for any of these, in a short period of time.
  • 7) Please realize that if a question or request is not replied to... it is NOT disrespect aimed at you.
    • There are several legitimate reasons for you to be "ignored":
    • a) The other player is afk.
    • b) The other player is involved in another private conversation.
    • c) The chat screen scrolled too quickly for the other player to notice your question.
    • d) The other player is in an instance.
    • e) The other player has limited time in the game and is trying to finish something quickly before having to log off.
    • f) etc.
  • 8) If a player says "starting the raid" (or something similar), please refrain from directly asking them questions or sending them "Tells". Unless it is critical and cannot wait, please wait until the instance is finished.
  • 9) If you encounter any behavior that makes you uncomfortable, or you feel is inappropriate for the League Chat channel, you can make a comment to that effect. If the behavior continues, or you are disregarded or insulted, please do not continue with the discussion and inform a League Team Leader via a "Tell" or an in-game mail. Let them take the heat for enforcing a "behavior code", we do not want league mates having drama with each other.

Player Etiquette Guidelines

  • GOLDEN RULE: Treat others in the game, as you would like them to treat you.
  • 1) Please learn your role. If all you do is play as a Damage dealer, awesome! Then learn to be an effective dps for your group. But if you want/plan to be a Healer or a Tank or a Controller, please ask for help from your league mates; there are several people who can guide you to be more effective in your chosen support role. And they are usually glad to help, because if you get better, the league gets better.
  • 2) If you are planning on running ANY kind of group content, please ask first in League Chat if someone wants to join you. If people are online, make use of the fact that you belong to a league that likes to help when it can. If there are not enough people available, THEN look for random players to fill out the group.
  • 3) Please be respectful of other people's time. If you are asked to join an instance where time is an issue (someone is logging off soon, daily reset is soon, etc.) please do not cause any unnecessary delays.
  • 4) If you are entering an instance for the first time (or you are still not very familiar with it) PLEASE let the group know that information before the instance begins. This has multiple advantages:
    • a) They will be able to let you know what is coming, and what is expected of you.
    • b) This should prevent them from rushing through the instance.
    • c) You will not be frustrated by trying to catch up to them and have no idea what is happening, thus improving your enjoyment.

New Membership

  • The Young Unlty league has a very good number of cool, fun, and good players. But we can always use more. <grin> If you find someone during your game-play that you think would fit in with us, by all means ask them about joining us.
  • Young Unlty really has only one "rule" regarding membership: their toon should be a Spark/Sprite. That is the Small body type available at character creation in the game. There are three sizes of Spark/Sprite to choose from - any of those is acceptable.
  • The reason for this is that the Young Unlty league has a theme of "Young Heroes" or "Teen Sidekicks", as exemplified by Young Justice or the Teen Titans. Our name is not a random pairing of words. <grin>
  • So, when membership is being offered to new players (and we do want new players that fit in with us) that do not already have a small toon, please inform the player that membership will be on a trial basis. After a few weeks (1 month at the most) if they are enjoying being a part of Young Unlty, and we like having them with us... they will be asked/required to buy a Respec Token: Body Type from the Marketplace in DCUO. If they do not wish to spend real world money to change their toon's body size, that is their choice. We will not hold that against anyone, we will wish them well in the game, and maybe put them on some of our Friend lists; before letting them know that they will be removed (with no hard feelings) from actual membership in the Young Unlty league.
  • And, yes, there are some non-Spark/Sprite toons in the league. We look upon them as "big brothers" or "big sisters". But we really want our new members to embrace our theme.

High CR Players vs Low CR Players

  • With the release of Tier 5 content, some players had instant access to it (Down Loadable Content plus the required Combat Rating), while others caught up fairly quickly, and then others still have not yet met the requirements. There has been some tension/drama within the league due to this, so let us address this:
  • BUT SOME CONTENT IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL PLAYERS, whether it is a matter of a lower CR or a lack of access to a particular DLC package.
  • This is somewhat similar to pre-level 30 players not being allowed access to any end-game content and Marks of Triumph (prior to the release of Game Update 31).
  • Players with lower CRs should understand that players with higher CRs will want to play the higher level content, as they have "earned" that ability. So there should be no resentment from lower CR players.
  • Players with higher CRs should understand that players with lower CRs want to catch up to them, and feel a little bit left out of the group dynamic they once enjoyed when everyone was on a more equal footing. So higher CR players should be aware that helping out lower CR players, by joining them in tier appropriate content, helps the lower CR players gain Marks of Triumph; thus enabling them to buy more/better armor, thus increasing their CR, and thus enabling more people to be chosen from when forming higher level groups.
  • WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER TO MAKE THE MOST OF OUR GAMING EXPERIENCE. Do not forget that we are all each others' greatest assets in DC Universe Online.

Loot "Rules" for Collection Pieces

In "open world" group content (Bounties, Sub Avatars, etc.):

  • 1) please only roll NEED on a Collection Piece that you have "collected".
  • 2) please roll GREED on a Collection Piece that you can use, that has been "collected" by another team member.
  • 3) if the Collection Piece is a "rare" piece, and you really, really need it, please ask first if you may roll NEED.
  • 4) NEVER roll NEED on a Collection Piece, if your sole intention is to sell it for profit.
  • These "Rules" should be strong guidelines, not only for Young Unlty groups, but for any groups you have with other players. If in doubt, please ask first.

Loot "Rules" for Gear / Armor

In group content (Duos, Alerts, Raids, Bounties, Sub Avatars, etc.):

  • 1) please only roll NEED on Gear that is usable or an upgrade for your current role.
  • 2) please only roll GREED on Gear that is usable or an upgrade for your current alternate role.
  • 3) please roll PASS on Gear that you cannot equip, is not a style that you need, has no stat increases, or you only plan on Salvaging or Selling.
    • a) Your power is Earth and you normally play as a Tank, but now you are in Damage role. Damage gear (or a weapon) drops. If you can use it as an Upgrade or for the Style, you may roll NEED.
    • b Your power is Electric and you normally play as a Healer, but now you are in Damage role. Healer gear (or a weapon) drops. If you can use it as an Upgrade or for the Style, please only roll GREED.
    • c) Your power is Hard Light and you normally play as a Controller, but now you are in Damage role. Damage gear (or a weapon) drops. You already have the style, and its Stats are not an Upgrade, please roll PASS.
  • These "Rules" should be strong guidelines, not only for Young Unlty groups, but for any groups you have with other players. If in doubt, please ask first.