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Welcome to Hypermux! Thanks for dropping by and giving us a look see. This is a consent based Super Heroic environment based solely in the DC Comics Universe. All Feature Characters here will be canon up until our cutoff, the World War 3 JLA Storyline circa June 200. For more info on this, view news cutoff. With that lovely little invention called Hypertime, we allow players the opportunity to explore alternate universe characters (those outside of DC Mainstream canon), as Year One characters, just at the onset of their superheroic career.

We have a 3 city grid, with quite a bit of detail, allow multiple alts, and special concessions for those willing to play a DC FC. Our intention is to simulate, to the best of our ability, the comic book experience. So please, chat on our Public channel, read the news files, page an available staff member with questions, anything to get well acquainted with us. We hope you enjoy your stay! Overview

Our theme here at HyperMux is a very simple one, really. All events, prior to the cutoff, have occurred. That means everything, The B13 conversion in Metropolis, Earthquake and Clench in Gotham, the original Crisis (not that anyone remembers), Final Night, Emerald Dawn, the whole magilla. As we are doing our best to simulate DC comics, this events are integral to the overall feeling and tone of their universe. And on the subject of tone...

We love all PCs here, no matter the shape, size or motivation. However, there is a certain truism in comic canon that we are firm believers in, Good will always triumph over evil, eventually. The villain will be defeated, the battle may be lost, but the war.. never! So, be prepared that we do enforce the idea of crime and punishment, if The Joker is caught in Gotham, he will be doing some time in an 8x8.

Characters from other /comic/ companies are welcome, and can be included via the HyperTime Year One concept, or as a dimensional castaway. Take a look at News Concepts for more info.


Our cutoff here at HyperMux is that of the World War Three storyline that ran through the Justice League of America comic around June of 2000. Those events happened a matter of a few months ago here at the start of the game. Events after that time may be added to a character with staff permission so long as they do not greatly impact a number of other characters with their inclusion. If in doubt as always check with staff. Likewise there can be some give and take with allowing some characters to be apped somewhat before the official cutoff with staff permission again. Once more it can not greatly alter other characters or be anything that a future player wouldn't be able to explain with Hypertime during the app process. Note that somewhat before doesn't imply something like Pre-Crisis, but rather allows some creative freedom when apping a FC. Always check with staff before assuming that it is simply ok to disregard the cutoff.

As a further note having the cutoff in place does not require that you know every minute detail of what has occurred in a characters life up to that point. We're not looking for a listing of every girl Bruce Wayne has dated and every byline with Clark Kent's name. Rather try and touch on the major events and give us a good snap shot of them to show us that you know the character you are apping.


What the heck kind of characters are there other than FCs? A bundle! Each will be discussed briefly below, and from what sources we allow them. Yes folks, as with anything, there are a few rules and regulations. But fear not! We're agreeable, and if you have a special request, feel free to page or @mail a staffer.

First, we have everyone's favorite. The Feature Character or FC. This is a character that has appeared in DC comics. Now, all these individuals must adhere to canon, unless special provisions are made by a staff member. Once the character is IC, while you cannot alter the previous canon, they are now yours and at your discretion. If any actions you take are considered inappropriate for the character, they will be retconned via Hypertime once he/she is dropped by the player and picked up by another.

Next on our Agenda, OC s. These are Original Characters, created by you, brainchildren of your warped and twisted cranium. We currently do not have any banned power sets or species, so feel free to go wild. We do request however, that any material presented as original is in fact original, rather than a retooling of what is considered banned concept material (See below).

Lastly, we have Altered Feature Characters or AFCs. These are imports from another universe via Hypertime. If in doubt as to what you want is acceptable, page a staff member. These characters will either be Year One, or dimensional castaways. What does this mean? For those of you unaware, AFC stands for Altered Feature Character. Now, here at HyperMUX, we allow several types of AFCs, leaving the specifics largely at your disposal. They can for example be Hypertime travelers or Year One characters. Characters from any serious comic will at least be considered as potential characters here. Our best advice is this, if you're unsure, page us. Some characters could be dropped in as is, while others, are too complex to include in our theme. As with all applications, App Staff has the final declaration in such matters. Now, onto AFC types.

The first is a dimensional cast away. This is a person to whom all their canon has occurred, and up to our June 2000 cutoff. However, at this point, an event takes place that drops them into our DC canon universe. Our Marvel cutoff is less specific, but the Marvel that has been established as canon here is generally "Ultimate" in style, except for the X-Men and associated characters. They are more in the style of X-Men: Evolutions. Marvel characters who do not fit into either of these categories may be established in any way which fits with the theme and tone of the game.


HyperMux is a consent-based environment. For those of you who aren't familiar I'll take a moment to explain consent. Consent essentially means that only you can determine the course of action your character takes. The world we RP in is often violent and dangerous. But we also know how much work a given person puts into their character, or should be putting into them. Therefore, we find it counter-productive for you to be killed a day or two after being approved in a battle you didn't even wish to be in. As such, no /one/ can commit an action for the benefit or to the detriment of your character without your permission. If you find yourself in a situation you didn't expect, there are two possible courses of action.

If your action did not provoke the situation, you may simply extricate yourself from it. A simple OOC explanation that you do not wish to involve yourself in the situation and then you are free to continue on. Ordinarily this is fine with all parties and more often then not the other person or persons were simply looking to spark some RP. However, you may find yourself unable to leave the situation if you yourself began it. The reason for this? You unknowingly gave your consent.

If you perform an action, attacking another character for example, which provokes a response from a player, you cannot then No Consent the combat. Yes folks, this is just like kindergarten. Keep your hands to yourself or you might have em blasted off. Another example might be to enter into a situation where you verbally provoke someone. You're still provoking them and therefore cannot refuse the combat. In this scenario In character Actions equal In character Consequences. Note your character will not be killed against your wishes no matter what. But you can certainly cling to life, teetering precariously on the edge for some time in the ICU of your local hospital.


A small note on fighting. Combat does occur, fairly regularly likely given the genre of HyperMux. So for those of you new to consent, here are the basics of combat. Naturally, consent plays a huge part in combat, and attacking someone who has already No Consented the combat is grounds for immediate reprimand. So, just don't do it.

When entering into a combat, it is important to note that this system is based entirely on attempts. If you intend to attack someone, you would pose /attempting/ to do so. Such as, "With blinding speed The Flash sweeps past the thugs attempting to disarm them all." At this point, the person controlling the attacker, be it a player or a member of RP staff, would determine, based upon the attacker's attributes and powers, whether or not the attack was successful. Seems pretty simple yes? Of course when measuring superhuman powers against each other things can be a bit more complex. In the example whoever was running the thugs would be hard pressed to find any reason the Flash couldn't disarm the thugs. However what if he was trying that on Superman? Superman counts superspeed as a power as well, so the events surrounding the scene may determine how successful the action is. Also as a note it is typically very poor form in combat, and normal RP to pose myriad actions with a single pose, or several times in a row. If you don't have a power that allows for this then do not do it. It is very rude. If you do have a superspeed power then confine all your actions to a single pose, not 6 in a row.

It is imperative at this point, that we again mention the notion of IC actions equaling IC consequences. If you, in character, perform an action that has a reasonable consequence, it will be enforced. If you kill 13 people in a convenience store, you will be hunted by police and heroes and if caught, prosecuted. This is why we allow few villains as PCs, which is covered under news Villains. If you and another player agree that you will murder him, if you are seen, the event will be reported and then, well see example one. These are examples of consequences that one simply cannot No Consent. As such, consider your actions carefully, as in life. But of course also as in life there may be those that seek to break the rules. Thus we move on to...


Twink. Many players on MU*s banter the word back and forth, and the meaning is truly different for everyone. The short version here at least is an individual who doesn't respect a player's right to consent and ignores the guidelines of the MUX. This type of behavior can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Some are ignoring a player who legitimately no consents a combat, using OOC information for IC use, posing the success of an action rather than the attempt, displaying use of abilities and/or skills one doesn't have, and ignoring actions taken against your character. Now that you know what it is, let me take this moment and say emphatically DON'T DO IT! We have a special area on the grid for offenders, a small dark place where one will be forced to watch Barney and Teletubbies for hours at a stretch, being fed only raisins and lots of water, and wearing a pair of bright orange rubber pajamas with the feet attached.

All joking aside, offenders will be dealt with swiftly and vigorously, and we /will/ enforce RP restrictions, booting and ultimately if it comes to it site-banning. If you experience this type of behavior, report it immediately to a staffer or mail one if none are on, and please have a log of the event. Thanks in advance from the President's Council on Twink-Free Role-playing. =) Villains

We mentioned previously the idea of crime and punishment. This sort of theme is fairly regular, and repeated, throughout all DC canon. Heck, whole characters are built around it. So, why bring this up? There are certain restrictions when it comes to playing a villain here at HyperMux. Well, only one really. All villains, when caught, will spend time in an IC jail or repository of some kind. Be it Arkham, The Slab, or trapped in a teleportational loop. It is incumbent upon players to RP out these little.. ahem.. trials accordingly. Yes, it does mean some time away from the grid, but really, that's only for the schnooks and crazies, and the latter like the jackets. There are also the Machavellian types.

Lex Luthor, for example, has the resources, the clout, the public reputation, and the drive to keep himself out of jail, spin whatever might occur with highly paid PR consultants, and hire underlings to do the dirty work for him. Obviously, this sort of individual won't be expected to hang about in a cell. But likewise, if played in character, would never bother interacting with the heroes directly in the first place. Folks like Ra's Ah Ghul, Kobra, Brother Blood.. these people are larger scale villains, either through power or numbers, and won't make frequent grid appearances, save for mostly social RP. If you have any questions about this guideline, please feel free to page a staff member.

TinySex (TS)

Okay, we're all adults here, and if the person reading this isn't, you're violating our MUX policy so log off now!! Anyway, as adults, each of us enjoys different aspects of role-playing, and one of those aspects, involves TS. TS is the abbreviation for TinySex, for those of you unfamiliar. This normally constitutes a private act between two or more individuals on an MU* and I don't think the details are relevant. We, at HyperMux, do not have an official opinion regarding it if all parties consent to such an encounter and are of actual real-life legal age. We /do not/, however, want this to occur in any public area. Anyone caught doing so will be @booted and given a warning. A second offense means a site-ban. There are /no/ exceptions. With that said, respect other players' limits and understand that everyone has a different opinion on this private subject so be cognizant of it. Recognize and respect the information found in each persons Note in their +finger entry on the topic of a personal rating. We do have the overall rating of "R" throughout the grid do to the potential of violence and strong language. However graphic sexual content will be viewed very poorly as detailed above.

Along that same mentality, comes harassment. It is completely unacceptable to behave in a lewd or harassing fashion to any other player. We understand that sometimes this is an aspect of an IC relationship, so naturally, both parties have consented. However, if /any/ individual on this MUX harasses another be it IC without consent, or OOC, they will find themselves in an unhappy place. We give one warning, that is all. Second offense, siteban. Once again, no exceptions are made. We will not act without proof, however. So, in the interests of justice, please log all interaction with the offending party so we may act with confidence and an informed viewpoint. Yuck, enough with the depressing stuff on to a fun topic.